Free Harry Potter House Crest Cross Stitch Charts

Free Harry Potter House Crest Cross Stitch Charts

These patterns are images! There's no file to download. Simply right click on the chart image you require, and select 'open in new tab'. Click on the image to magnify it to the highest resolution. Then right click on the image again, and save to your device to view or print. On a touch screen device, long press on the chart image, and use the available options that show to open the image in a new tab, then long press on it again to save to your device and read the chart from the screen.
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Thank you so much, I have wanted to put the crests on bags for a long time, but did not have the time, or patience, to design the patterns. I have stitched many of my own designs onto bags and know how long it takes to make such complicated designs. They are WONDERFUL, and will be translated into longstitch!
Thank you again.


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