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New! £10 Cross Stitch Kits Collection

New! £10 Cross Stitch Kits Collection

I thought it would be a welcome idea to create a new category for my shop where I can offer customers some designs at just £10 for the kit. There will be original new designs, like the Rainbow Balloon and Mini Halloween Mandala:

A few classic best-sellers from my collection over the years like this Mini Floral Heart and Mini Butterfly:

And even some of the popular free packing-slip patterns might make it as a kit. Perfect for a weekend or holiday project, check my £10 kit section every month to see what's new there.

They'll always contain the same best-quality materials as all of my kits do - Zweigart fabric and DMC thread and full easy colour charts, with optional hoops. And free UK shipping!

Browse the £10 Cross Stitch Kits collection here.


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