Free Harry Potter House Crest Cross Stitch Charts

Free Harry Potter House Crest Cross Stitch Charts

These patterns are images! There's no file to download. Simply right click on the chart image you require, and select 'open in new tab'. Click on the image to magnify it to the highest resolution. Then right click on the image again, and save to your device to view or print. On a touch screen device, long press on the chart image, and use the available options that show to open the image in a new tab, then long press on it again to save to your device and read the chart from the screen.
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This is beautiful work! Amazing!! Thank you very much for making them available.

Rachel Nation
Thank you for these. Just finished all 4 and they are fabulous.
Thank you for this! They look gorgeous. I hope my friend likes the present I am going to make him)
Wow!thanks for these my grown up daughter gonna love this,she’s such a Harry Potter fan
Tess Tabat
Looks like some mom is going to be making these a special someone for Christmas

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